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Booking Conditions

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All rooms are booked on a 'first come' basis. Some weekends book very quickly.

To reserve your place, please send in a £30 deposit for every person booked

You will be contacted if your request is unavailable.

All balances should be paid before the due date.

A letter is sent as a reminder.


If cancellation is necessary:

  • Before the balance due date (i.e. 3 months before weekend)
    the deposit will be returned in full.
  • After the balance has been paid
    If we can resell your place or the hotel can resell the room
    a full refund will be made.
  • But if neither is possible
    Up to 21 days before the weekend:
    The balance less £30 will be returned.
    For cancellations of less than 21 days:
            Refunds are not normally given.