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Heather Jordan has been a teacher for The Fitness League for 25 years. The Fitness League is a national organisation with exercise classes operating throughout the UK and abroad. If you want to know more about The Fitness League nationally please click on the button in the menu to the left.

My involvement with the League started in the 1970's. A 'very' young mother of two girls, Rebecca and Canessa. I first went to classes to attempt to get my 'figure' back (still working on this!!). I was immediately enthralled. After training in the early 80's I became a teacher. I cannot ever imagine doing anything else, it has given me a lifetime of fitness, friendship and fun.

I trust you will find this website easy to navigate using the menu on the left. From this home page you are able to access all the activities I currently offer.

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If you still have any queries after viewing the information in this site, please contact me either by "snail" mail or by telephone. Full details in the Contact Me section.