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Fitness League

Fitness League teachers instruct in Bagot Stack which is part dance, part exercise to energise and strengthen the whole body. This unique system which is based on yoga, remedial health exercises and movement, offers a complete approach to body fitness and mobility. The focus is on strengthening abdominal muscles to achieve 'central control' which provides the basis of good posture from which all movement can be performed safely and effectively.

The technique has proved its worth over many years adapting successfully to the ever-changing fitness world. the classes take place in a sociable and enjoyable environment and provide a network of friendship throughout the UK and abroad.

Bagot Stack

Bagot Stack can only be taught by qualified Fitness League teachers of which there is a worldwide network. Our classes are based on the methods and principles developed by Mary Bagot Stack in the 1930s, which our teachers use to devise effective, powerful and safe exercises. These methods have stood the test of time and guarantee that you will improve your posture, mobility, muscle strength and stamina.

We focus on:

  • good posture - you'll stand and move more freely, not only in the class, but in everyday life. Your daily activities will be easier, with less strain on joints and ligaments

  • mobilising joints and building strength, not bulk, in the muscles

  • co-ordination - our exercises train the brain as well as the body!

  • relaxation of mind and body

  • breathing - correct breathing improves your whole sense of well-being

  • music - we use music as an expressive tool which positively helps you perform the exercises - and it lifts the spirit!

  • classwork that is suitable for all levels and abilities - you can work at your own pace, and move on to more advanced work when you are ready

For more information visit www.thefitnessleague.com